Squid in various ways  7,50 - 10,50 €
Turkey steak 7,60 €
Veal steak  9,90 €
Pork Steak 7,20 €
Steak in various ways 19,0 €


Plate a la Pri Kmetec
Beef steak, pork fillet in mushroom sauce, chicken fillet fried in colourful seeds, side dishes
25,00 €
Venison plate 
Roast wild boar, venison leg in cranberry sauce, side dishes a la Pri Kmetec
32,00 €
Fish plate
Grilled bream and sea bass, salmon, squid, shrimp, herb potatoes, Swiss chard or grilled vegetables
32,00 €
Roasted wild boar
Baked potatoes, dumplings, vegetable basket
16,00 €
Venison leg in cranberry sauce
Homemade cottage cheese dumplings 
16,00 €

Our restaurant has been offering various Slovene and local food for years boosting Slovenes culinary reputation. We respect and admire the old recipes of our grandmothers, which is why we are trying to rediscover the long forgotten dusty recipes and adapt them to the present time.

In order to offer our guests something new and fresh our chefs are constantly looking for only the best local and seasonal food. And our waiters will be delighted to present you our several carefully selected wines from local and other vineyards.

As we are well aware that our Restaurant is situated at one of the most beautiful locations in Slovenia we renovated and increased the summer garden for our guests.
The open kitchen and the stylish and cosy summer garden, from where you will enjoy a fantastic view over the magnificent Old Castle, the old town centre, the slopes of Pohorje and all the way to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, are the result of hard work.

“Not the flour makes the bread, but the hand!”
You should definitely try Mother Greta’s freshly baked corn and buckwheat bread, it’s delicious!


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